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Travel inLorraine


In Lorraine, you will discover a heritage rich in history with the moving memorial site of Verdun, the magnificent Art Nouveau buildings of Nancy, or the beauty of the Gothic cathedral of Metz and its contemporary art museum, Centre Pompidou-Metz. Lorraine can be discovered through the know-how of its internationally renowned craftsmen: glass blowers, violin makers, etc. It is also the region of delicacies, if you have a sweet tooth, you will adore Lorraine! There are dozens of delicious sweet treats to discover, from bergamot candies, macaroons, the famous Madeleines to the « Baba au Rhum » and large variety of products based on yellow plums.


What to see in Lorraine?


Nancy is the pearl of Lorraine. It is known for its sites of late Baroque and Art Nouveau style. Former capital of the Duchy of Lorraine, the emblematic place not to be missed is the breath-taking Place Stanislas, dating from the eighteenth century. This huge square, decorated with gilded wrought iron grilles and rococo fountains, is in the middle of the superb palaces and churches that abound in the medieval old town of Nancy.


Metz is the perfect combination of nature and urban living. Surrounded by two rivers, the Seille and the Moselle, you will find a lush and calming atmosphere. The city gives an impression of light and brightness thanks to the many honey yellow buildings made out of Jaumont stone. Don’t miss the beautiful Saint-Etienne Cathedral and the Centre Pompidou-Metz home to many contemporary art pieces.

Verdun and its battlefields and memorial

The World War I has marked Verdun for ever. The intensity of the fights on its battlefields caused a lot of damage on each side. You will find several memorials and vestige of the battle. It was very important to keep the memory alive and pay tribute to the soldiers who battled there. The city of Verdun is actually a beautiful city with a lot of point of interest such as its medieval towers, the flowered docks and Renaissance buildings.


Gérardmer is mainly known for its beautiful lake with a beach and many paths around its wooded banks. There is also a ski resort and even a casino! An ideal wellness destination for nature and sports lovers. In terms of gastronomy, Gérardmer offers the typical mountain products such as herbal based candies, cheese, blueberry pie, honey, etc.

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Our favourites ♥

  • Discovery of the vineyards in a tractor-towed carriage with explanation on the land and soil and what it does to the wine.
  • The visit of a famous glass blowing factory to learn about this old know-how.
  • A food tour in Nancy to try all their delicacies in a fun way. (Perfect for team building!)
  • Attend the wonderful show “Des flammes à la Lumières”, the biggest sound and light show about World War I, which takes place in Verdun
  • A tour on a solar boat in Metz to enjoy the city from the water, a very relaxing experience.
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